Making Southwestern Pennsylvania
One of the World's Greatest Regions

Key Strategy #2:

Business Climate

Companies must compete globally on both the quality and cost of their products and services in order to grow and create jobs.  In order for the Pittsburgh Region to successfully attract and retain these companies, it must provide a competitive business climate that enables companies to grow rapidly.  

Is the Pittsburgh Region a good place to grow a business?  

Yes – but it could be much better.

What’s Good about the
Pittsburgh Region’s Business Climate

• Local business taxes are among the lowest of any major region. Surprised? Learn more…. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t know this because state business taxes are so high – learn why and what to do about it.

•The Pittsburgh Region has one of the lowest costs of living and lowest crime rates in the nation, with many amenities for employees. Learn more...

• The Pittsburgh Region excels on reliability for business operations. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, and power blackouts pose serious risks to business operations in other parts of the country, but not in southwestern Pennsylvania.

What Needs to Improve in the
Pittsburgh Region's Business Climate

• State business taxes are among the highest of any major region in the nation. Learn more …

• Electricity costs are becoming uncompetitive for major industrial users. Learn more…

• Government regulations and permitting requirements are complex, involving multiple levels of government and multiple agencies at each level of government.

• Too many students graduating from public schools are not proficient in basic skills. Learn more…

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